How to Use FREE Registration

The MagicH2o Team Website is huge.  It contains over 20 webpages and videos covering the product.  It links to the business website with over 50 webpages and videos covering training in the business.  The eBooks link into over 80 webpages and videos for promoting the product and future plans to integrate other marketing tools to help your business.

What is the purpose and strategy of this website?  This website targets two groups of individuals:

  1.  Members who want to find the best starting point for what they are interested in, and the specific links to send to their prospects.  At ANY point on any of the 150 webpages, you can copy the link in your address bar containing your product ID and send prospects to that specific webpage.  Everything else will link from that page.
  2. Individuals and Members looking for an easy way to be introduced to the whole system and register for free while investigating the material.

Warning – Free can be good or bad.  If all you want to do is place people in your organization then Free will not provide any benefit and will clutter your organization chart making it hard to know what to do in the future.  Additionally, the new individual signing up for free can sponsor Members and Customers; however, they cannot get paid on business until they are active with a $100 personal order of product.

Correct Use for Free Members

There are two specific cases when signing up free members is valuable:

  1. You have taken the time to introduce your clients, but they need more time for due diligence or to arrange funding.  Registering them for free will put them in your system so that you can easily send and track more information via the app, and they can test how the MagicH2o team system works by registering others to them even before they have finished purchases to become active.
  2. You want to give a “Hand Up, and not a Handout” to individuals less fortunate.  This is good for nonprofit organizations or personal commitment on your part.

You, or the nonprofit organization register all in need showing ambition to change their life for free.  This will create an ID for them so that they can sponsor and market products to clients.

Since they are Free members, anything they sell will be paid to you as their sponsor.  You can plan to pay them the commission, less your tax liability, or better yet, tell them when they have earned enough to pay for the product, you will purchase the product in their name from the profits.

This process will work exceptionally well in the first 30 days because of the Builder Bonus.  As an example, Joe is homeless, but the church signs him up for free.  Joe aggressively distributes his personal website address telling everyone that any purchases they make will help him get off the street.  Suppose three customers purchase $100 from his link.  The church will receive $75 in commissions that Joe would have received. The church then places an order in Joe’s name for $125 under the agreement that Joe give the church the $50 Builder Bonus.  The church paid and received $125 at no loss.  Joe gets two bottles of product for his effort, and Joe now has the start of a business.

The best part is, any additional orders Joe sells that month will be commissioned to his personal account.  He now has personal worth and money in his wallet.  Even Joe can use the same process to give a Hand Up to others once he has an income.  Once he has an active account, Joe can tell others to register for free and he will pay them for referrals, for example, a 10% referral fee for anyone that registers and buys under their name.

Important Points

The bonus is paid only the first month you join and personally sponsor three paid Members with $100 or more orders each.  After the first month, in order to receive the $50 Builder Bonus, you must be an active Senior Member or above and have any three active front line regardless of sponsorship.

You can place your free members one under the other within 30 days to build future shared wealth from home deliveries.  Do not place more than seven active members in one line.

Assume you are in a poor country.  20 individuals join as a team and activate a team position.  This would cost each about $10.  The 20 each join for free under the team.  Each aggressively markets using their personally link to local businesses, wealthy, online, or via foreign relatives with a better financial situation.  The team position is kept active from the profits with credit noted to the individuals creating more growth.  The profits pay to activate the individual members according to performance.  Each member now creates their personal income, and the team position profits are shared. One sharing strategy I have used in the past is 50% of profits equally shared to all 20 members.  50% shared based on their performance share to profits.

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