Where We are Headed

People have information overload today.  They are faced with increased information campaigns and artificial intelligence is going to make it far worse.  You need to focus.  This website is designed to give you an edge mathematically.  It is designed to help you build a fast database of individuals that can cross several disciplines at the same time increasing your chances of success.

The strategy is to create a big database allowing individuals to register for free in the fastest growing nutrition company today.  About 25% of the people who are exposed to and use the product continue monthly usage because of immediate and long-term results.  You should at least try the product three to six months as a customer for personal results.  One in four you get to register should use the product.

That same registration under the topdoggie organization gives both a product and business website system that costs others $250.

The business website is targeted to individuals looking for a financial edge.  It uses the same product company for financial income.  It is designed to build your database with free registration to help expose your potential contacts via mirid marketing tools and apps.

The same database allows you and your contacts to market with eBook technology.  The eBooks and flyers link new potential clients back to your free registration to help build your database further. One eBook is a personal development book good for all ages opening your contact range substantially.  The other eBook targets the Christian community exposing millions of potential contacts to your database.

The final purpose of the database will be to connect to the world of IPF technology which is a way to use and protect information using cryptography.  You may have heard of this as NFTs.  This is being exposed to a select few but your same database built by free registration will be used with the information technology when disclosed.  If you want advance information, check the links at the top of any page in the eBooks.

The world is struggling with three major issues today: health, wealth, and happiness. 

The first challenge is health.  Toxins, viruses, and radiation are destroying our health from newborn to the aged.  This website links to the absolute most important breakthrough in health today to give you a better chance.  The product covered is the most studied natural molecule in molecular biology with the BEST company to deliver that molecule to every cell in your body.  It is not intended to replace anything you are doing, but to make everything work better.  If you take the extensive time to research everything about the product you could literally change how long you may live.

The second challenge is wealth.  In today’s world of disruption by politics and viruses, no one can depend on a job.  Robots are increasingly taking over, and people need a way to derive an income from home with their own personal efforts.  Those who do not take action to secure additional income will end up dependent on government subsidy and eventual slaves to the state.  If you want to know what that looks like, check out any country where the government is the major provider.  We are using the product company as a database and duplicating your connections so that you only need to build one organization by integrating financial and support business systems. The same organization you build will be used to integrate everything else.  The final system will allow you to buy and sell any product or service with the same database.

The third is happiness.  We are not truly happy in this world until we have reached spiritual success.  We need an understanding about our purpose in life or nothing has meaning.  Some can claim to be happier than others by their lifestyle but until they embrace love and understand others, they will not have true happiness.  All the spiritual leaders of the world embrace love and grace from a power beyond ourselves.  You must truly pursue your WHY to be happy daily.

The links to the Bible are to provide a way to receive a story of the past and future.  The Old Testament is a history lesson of inequity and hope.  Few have read the WORDS that Jesus spoke in the New Testament.  Until you personally read what Jesus said, you will receive politically and religiously biased information.  This is the same as most religious leaders.

No matter your religious belief, the eBook will drive traffic to your websites.

It is a numbers game.  Free registration seldom provides any real results; however, if you register them for the purpose of receiving enough information to make valid decisions, and you organize those free individuals, you can motivate them to action.  As example you can place one free under the other until you have seven valid customers or partners purchasing product monthly, then start another line.

This website is a tool.  Use the parts that work for you.  Most are perfectly happy just talking about the product and building a personal customer database.

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