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  • Happiness is Not Wealth
  • Happiness is Not Lifestyle
  • Love is Caring
  • Happiness is Waiting for You

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There was a man who was determined not to waste his life as his father had done.  His father worked all his life, made lots of money, but never had time for himself or others and ended up dying in poor health.

He decided to pay attention to his health, buy a nice home, car, boat, an airplane, and eat at the best restaurants.

After a few years he was not happy. 

He decided to buy a mansion, a sports car, a yacht, a jet, and eat in the finest restaurants around the world.

After a few years he was still not happy.

One day while traveling, he was in Indonesia and noticed all the crippled children had no wheelchairs and were literally crawling around everyplace they went.

He decided to buy a wheelchair and give it to a small boy. As he was lifting the boy to put him in the wheelchair, the boy asked, “Please sir slow down, do not hurry.”

He asked the boy, “Why?”

The boy said, “I want to take the time to memorize your face, so I know who to thank when I see you in heaven.”

He has since learned the teachings of Christ and donated tens of thousands more wheelchairs.

He is now happy.

More importantly, he has re-engraved his spiritual tombstone and ensured his place in eternity.

We offer three options with links above, and they all work together:

  1.  Health – Change the expiration date of your earthly tombstone through informed health choices.
  2. Wealth – Change the number representing your lifestyle. 
  3. Happiness – Change the date on your spiritual tombstone to no expiration date.

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