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  1. First find the link at the top left of your browser.  It should be
  2. Next click the “Register Free” Link top left.
  3. Make sure your referral’s information is in the top Right of the company webpage.
  4. Fill out the registration form and remember and write down your username and password.  Your username can only have numbers and letters and have at least 8 characters.  The same capitalization must be used for your username on the team websites.
  5. Study all or part of the system by reading and following the links at the top of this website.
  6. When ready go to the Product Website and click “Order”.
  7. On the company website press “Login”.  (You will need your username and password.)
  8. Purchase at least one of each of the products such as the “Welcome Pack 1”.  The Health Website will explain options or if you are serious study the strategy under the Wealth Website.
  9. If you have any order questions, contact your sponsor, or call the company at the phone number on the bottom left of the company website.
  10. As soon as you register, even for free, you can start sending people to your website (You must be active to get paid.)
  11. If someone purchases before you, as long as you are active before Sunday Mountain Standard Time, you will get paid.
  12. You have 30 days to move your free and paid members.  One strategy would be to put those who purchase the most first and the others in decreasing amount until you have four levels of paid members.  Then start another line the same way.
  13. If anyone purchases a quarterly $300 pack, put them on first and second level only, and start a new line with others under them until four active members before starting another line.
  14. As you increase rank you can place free members deeper down to seven levels.
  15. If you get many with $300 quarterly home delivery place them three front line and three under each of them.  Read the compensation plan and strategies on the Wealth Website for more details.


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